Mini game 5 Law and Rights

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Which European Union institution is responsible for interpreting EU law and ensuring its uniform application across all member states? 

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EU law takes precedence over national laws of member states and must be applied by their national courts.

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The Treaty of __________, signed in 1957, established the European Economic Community (EEC) and laid the foundations for the modern European Union. 

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Which EU regulation protects personal data and privacy rights of individuals within the European Union and the European Economic Area?

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The European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights guarantees a range of civil, political, economic, and social rights for EU citizens and residents. 

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The European Union promotes __________, ensuring that individuals have access to justice and legal remedies in case of rights violations. 

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Which EU directive establishes the principle of equal treatment between men and women in employment and occupation? 

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The European Union introduced the European Arrest Warrant to facilitate extradition procedures between member states and combat cross-border crime. 

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The European Union's __________ Rights Act of 2009 strengthened consumer rights and protection across member states, harmonizing rules on contracts, warranties, and remedies.

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Which EU institution is responsible for proposing new legislation, implementing EU policies, and representing the EU internationally?

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The European Union introduced the Schengen Agreement to abolish border controls between participating member states and create a single territory without internal borders.

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The __________ Movement Directive ensures the right to freedom of movement and residence within the European Union for EU citizens and their family members. 

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Which EU regulation establishes the rules and procedures for the protection of asylum seekers and refugees in the European Union?

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The European Union introduced the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to provide EU citizens with access to necessary healthcare services during temporary stays in other member states. 

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The __________ Market Regulation ensures the free movement of goods within the European Union by removing barriers to trade and harmonizing standards. 

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