Mini game 15 Labor Market

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Which EU program provides funding and support for vocational training and skills development to enhance employability? 

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EU citizens have the right to work in any EU member state without needing a work permit. 

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The Equal Treatment __________ ensures equal treatment in employment and occupation, enhancing job opportunities for all EU citizens.

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Which of the following documents is often required for EU citizens to work in another EU member state?

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The European Union has established a Youth Guarantee program to ensure that all young people under 25 receive a good-quality offer of employment, continued education, apprenticeship, or traineeship within four months of becoming unemployed or leaving formal education. 

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The Employment Equality __________ of the European Union prohibits discrimination in employment based on various factors, promoting fair hiring practices. 

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Which EU agency provides information, analysis, and expertise on labor market trends and policies to job seekers? 

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The European Union has established a single EU-wide employment contract format to simplify hiring procedures. 

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The __________ Employment Strategy aims to promote full employment, quality jobs, social inclusion, and labor market mobility, benefiting job seekers across the EU. 

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Which of the following programs provides support for entrepreneurs and small businesses, potentially creating job opportunities?

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EU citizens have the right to work in any EU member state without facing discrimination based on nationality. 

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The European Agency for __________ Rights monitors and reports on issues related to discrimination in the workplace within the EU, ensuring fair treatment for job seekers.

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Which of the following initiatives promotes the recognition of professional qualifications across the EU, potentially facilitating job mobility?

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The European Union provides financial assistance to member states to support job creation and economic development through the European Regional Development Fund, potentially leading to job opportunities.

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The __________ Union provides support to workers who have lost their jobs due to structural changes in global trade patterns, assisting job seekers in transitioning to new employment opportunities. 

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