Mini game 19 Civic participation

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Which of the following is a form of civic participation encouraged by the European Union?

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The European Citizens' Initiative allows EU citizens to directly propose legislation to the European Commission.

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The __________ Week is an annual event that celebrates active citizenship and democracy in the European Union. 

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Which of the following EU programs aims to promote citizen engagement and democratic participation at the local level? 

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EU citizens have the right to stand as candidates and vote in local elections in any EU member state where they reside. 

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The Citizens' Dialogue Initiative fosters collaboration between __________ and policymakers to address societal challenges at the local level. 

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Which of the following is NOT a component of active citizenship within the EU?

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The European Union supports initiatives that promote media literacy and critical thinking skills among citizens. 

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The __________ Parliament is composed of representatives elected by EU citizens to represent their interests at the European level.

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Which of the following is an example of a civil society organization that promotes civic engagement and advocacy within the EU?

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The European Union encourages active participation in decision-making processes through public consultations and citizen dialogues.

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The __________ Forum provides a platform for dialogue between EU institutions and civil society organizations on various policy issues.

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Which of the following initiatives aims to promote cross-border cooperation and citizen engagement in EU regions? 

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EU citizens have the right to access information held by public authorities and institutions under the EU's transparency regulations. 

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The European __________ organizes regular events and campaigns to promote civic education and democratic participation among EU citizens. 

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