Mini game 17 Labor Market

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Which EU program aims to facilitate the mobility of workers within the EU by providing information, advice, and recruitment assistance to job seekers? 

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EU citizens have the right to work in any EU member state without facing barriers such as work permits.

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The Working __________ Directive sets minimum standards for working hours, rest breaks, and annual leave, protecting the rights of job seekers. 

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Which of the following EU programs supports the development of digital skills and competences among job seekers to improve employability? 

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The European Union has a unified labor market with consistent labor laws and regulations across all member states. 

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The Racial Equality Act of the European Union prohibits discrimination in employment based on __________ or ethnic origin, ensuring fair treatment for all job seekers. 

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Which EU agency is responsible for promoting workers' rights and improving working conditions across the EU, benefiting job seekers?

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The European Union has a common unemployment insurance scheme that provides financial assistance to job seekers across all member states. 

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The __________ Employment Strategy aims to promote a skilled and adaptable workforce, modern labor markets, and inclusive growth, benefiting job seekers across the EU.

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Which of the following EU programs supports the integration of migrants into the labor market, potentially creating job opportunities?

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The European Union has established a common retirement age that applies uniformly across all member states.

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The European Globalisation Adjustment Union provides __________ assistance to workers affected by company relocations or closures within the EU, offering support to job seekers during transitions. 

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Which EU program supports the mobility of researchers and professionals within the EU, potentially enhancing job opportunities?

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The European Union has established initiatives to promote job creation and economic development through entrepreneurship, potentially providing job opportunities for job seekers.

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The European __________ Fund provides financial assistance to workers who have lost their jobs due to structural changes in the economy, supporting job seekers in finding new employment opportunities.

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